Jobs For 14 Year Olds

jobs for 14 year olds
Jobs for youth 14 years in Dayton, Ohio?

I am 14 years looking for a summer job not a real pet sitting or washing cars and mowing the lawn, I need a job to earn some money, I'm broke and can not, but things for myself. Please do not use Internet.

You can not start at the top. but the fastest, I would say, is to enter and leave the small local businesses, asking the question. 'S with the laws force, most ncompanies not have a chance, everything. If you are injured or is not the right person for the job, the owner is in conflict with the law, the young man, too, gets a job washing cars … Most of the website job, asking for compensation, as long as you say in advance or not.

8 jobs for 14 year olds

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